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Vehicle Tracking Device Installation 0
KSh11 000

Vehicle Tracking Device Installation

Vehicle Tracking Device Installation


At Stanificent Global Technologies (S.G.T) Ltd, we are a major dealer/ vendor in the sales and installation of hi-tech, reliable and affordable car tracking devices without comprising quality. We have large stocks of TK103 tracking devices readily available for sale in wholesale and retail demands. Our tracking devices are easy to install, operate and are also user friendly. Our (Stanificent) tracking devices comes with external antennas which help to boost the GSM/GPS/GPRS network signals. Hence, strong signal is a guarantee when you install our tracking devices.


some of the features of our tracking devices include the following;

1. 24/7 vehicle tracking enabled.

2. Vehicle engine shutting down and resuming with your mobile phone via sms.

3. low battery alert.

4. voice monitoring.

5. No monthly charges.

6. Location tracking via Google Map

7. Over-speeding alert.

8. Geo-fencing.

9. it can be used efficiently for Vehicle fleet management (web-based tracking system)

10. Protection of car valuables.

11. Stanificent Trackers helps in the recovery of vehicles in situations of theft.

12. Stanificent trackers gives cost effective reports (the preset is by you).

13. No third party involved. It is a Do it yourself (D.I.Y) System.

14. You can check if the door of your vehicle is opened or closed.

15. You can get the absolute street address of your vehicle.

16. You can switch off and monitor your vehicle from any part of the world.

17. Stanificent tracker provides real value for your money.

18. Track your vehicle even when you are in neighbouring countries.

19. Number authorization.

20. Stanificent Trackers provides more security than other systems.

21. By this we can position the vehicle in exact place.

22. Durability, reliability and many more features.

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Published: Mar 13, 2018

KSh11 000

Vehicle Tracking Device Installation


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