Tactical Multi-function flashlight 0
Tactical Multi-function flashlight 0

Tactical Multi-function flashlight

Tactical Multi-function flashlight


4in1 multi-function flashlight with powerful deterrent electric current discharge

20000kv, professional model HY-1321. The material of the flashlight is shockproof aircraft grade aluminum with cree led bulb 300 lumens, with three modes of use Safe (minor), Power (max), SOS / Strobe (blinking), the lighting of the torch is via a single button that at each switch changes the mode of illumination, the light beam can be seen at long distances. This bollard looks like just a normal torch in such a way as to keep it safely at hand unobtrusively attacker. Great for personal defense and quick use in case of need.

The operation of this torch bollard is made by a special rechargeable nickel-cadmium by 4.8v. which is located inside the bollard and the charging is done with an electric cable as supplied to be connected to the power outlet, and comes with a safety switch to operate the discharge current and anti falling wrist strap.


The electric bollard and was imported only for self-defense against unlawful aggression of others and attempted theft or robbery in private dwellings. This product is an ideal defensive tool, the effect of the shock and short: (1-2 seconds) will cause muscle spasms and fear, average: (1-3 seconds) can cause fainting and collapse the attacker will recover after time, higher: (4-5 seconds) causes shock and disorientation for a few minutes and can also cause the collapse with loss of the will to continue his criminal intent. In the long years in which the product was used and it has been found that most of the time it never got to touch, in fact the bollard has a big psychological deterrent. Our advice, in case of an attempt of aggression and to operate the shock repeatedly without approach in order to give the possibility of escape avoiding contact between the two people.


Use input 220-240V power

Run time: 3 Hour

LUX: 300 Lumens (Max output)

Power input DC 3.7V

Current: >2.5A

Size: 164 x 39 x 34 (mm)

Power output: 20000kV

Weight: 200g

WARNING! - Do not test the device while charging. This can lead to its breakage!

Published: Mar 14, 2018

Tactical Multi-function flashlight


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