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School Managemet Information System

School Managemet Information System

smartAcademy ERP is a secure cloud based complete information system or software that automates nearly all the functions and processes of your institution.

It has five secure login views for

1. Superadmin,

2. Admin,

3. Teacher,

4. Accountant and

5. Parent which is optional

smartAcademy ERP is designed and developed to do the following;

- **student management**:- this includes registrations, admissions on every terms to classes and streams and generates an invoice, includes tailor made reports on sudents

- **Class and stream Management**:- different class streams that unique to a class, assigning a teacher to each class and stream.

- **Academic subjects and syllabus:**- assign subjects to each class, assign a teacher to each subject, able to save downloadable syllabus to each subject like a teaching guide.

- **Lesson Schedule/timetable:-** Its able to design a timetable for each subject to each class stream.

- **Attendance Management:-** Daily record of the child if present or absent. When the child is absent it sends a message to the parent/guardian.

- **Exam Management:-** Manages the termly exams and grading and graphically gives an illustration of the child's progress in the various exams.Its able to sent text message to parents showing exam results.

- **Library Management:-** Its able to record books, book types, start circulation and end, manage book loss and book circulation return penalties.

- **Hostel Management:-** It shows the different boarding facilities , the student manifest in each of them.

- **Transport/Route Management:-**Manages the children that use the school bus, the types of routes and their charges,drivers assigned to the various buses, bus capacities and student manifest in each route.

- **Fee Management:-** From invoicing, fee collection and different reports on the same like fee balance aging etc.

- **Expense Management:**- Manages the daily expenditures, assign different types of expenditures to unique ledger accounts,suppliers,and expense payment reports like unpaid invoices with aging.

- **Revenue management:-** Other school revenues are managed extremely well. eg class leases, bus leases etc.

- **Assets Management:-** Asset purchase, Purchase modes,depreciation etc.

- **Events Management:**- Graphically through a calendar can show the events of the year and remind times.

- **Accounting reports:-** This application is able to generate accounting reports like

ledger accounts,

ledger accounts balances,

trial balances,

comprehensive income statement,

balance sheet,

shareholders/owners drawings and funding etc

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Published: Mar 12, 2018

Jaytech DataCom Solution
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School Managemet Information System

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