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There are many good books about the Kennedy assassination; This is NOT one of them. This is historical fiction, and pretty much the official story retold. as if the author has inside information on what was said in the unrecorded/undocumented interviews between Oswald and police/FBI/Secret service (or any other conversations he recounts "verbatim"). . Granted it has some good trivia information, but unfortunately, it is more often incomplete questionable or inaccurate historical fiction. Some key, and well documented, evidence testimony and people are not mentioned at all in this book. Common sense says the doctors had to look at and discuss the head wounds on Kennedy, but except for one sentence, (repeated twice), all that dialog is missing. Exactly how he got other detailed dialog is unclear, but he did not include well documented interviews and statements of what Parkland Doctors actually claimed they saw.. This books description of Jack Ruby as a nice guy super patriot stands out as ridicules. Overall this book seems to be written to avoid any tough questions (as well as hard evidence) not guaranteed to get the Warren Commission's good housekeeping stamp of approval.

However if you believe in "the magic Bullet theory" or that the motorcade could not have just as easily taken the much safer main street rout to reach the Trademark (just look at any Dallas map)... then this is the book for you. Otherwise, expect what other reviewers have already called... an obvious grandstanding scam one would expect from this author.

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Parkland - Vincent Bugliosi

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