KSh30 000
Multifunctional Head Care Apparatus. 0
KSh30 000

Multifunctional Head Care Apparatus.

Multifunctional Head Care Apparatus.

Is your bio electricity well balanced?

Check lf you have these following symptoms.

a).Increased or decreased blood pressure,non-stop hiccups,indefinable pains(like rheumatism arthiritic pain)

b).Headaches,hard to focus,toothache,hairloss.


d).Wound ulceration,take long to recover among others.

If you have one of the symptoms mentioned above,Your bio electricity is in the chaos!..

FUNCTIONS of Head Care Apparatus.

1.Clears dizziness and relieves headaches,tiredness and nervous stress.

2.Regulates high blood pressure by stimulating acupunture points on the scalp.

3.Relieves shoulder pain,neck pains caused by unsuitable pillow and stress.

4.Clears mental blockages(Renew memory faculty and promotes mental retention).

5.Combats heart diseases-angina pectoris,chest suffocation and brain vessel problems.

6.Helps thickening and darkening hair promoting shinny healthy hair.

7.Combats baldness and helps to recover effects of baldness.

8.Helps to relieve arthritis,rheumatism,waist and back aches and many more.

Watch a video clip on how to use Multifunctional Head Care Apparatus on youtube(by Tianshi)..OR

CALL 0714 885 702 for more information.

Published: Feb 17, 2018

KSh30 000

Multifunctional Head Care Apparatus.

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