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Advanced Excel Training 0

Advanced Excel Training

Advanced Excel Training

MS Excel is the most used spreadsheet application. Learning how to use MS Excel is an investment in both your personal and professional life. Excel makes it easy to monitor financial performance, such as business profit or loss, calculate payments on large purchases, plan a budget, analyse vast amounts of data, etc.

Become an EXPERT in MS Excel NOW! Learn the expert features of MS Excel NOW.

This will get you beyond the basics to more advanced-level proficiency within the Excel suite.

Topics Covered:

MODULE 1: Grouping & Outlining and Subtotals

• Outlining and Grouping Data

• Using the Subtotals Tool

MODULE 2: What-If Analysis

• Exploring Scenarios

• Goal Seek and Data Tables

• Using Solver

MODULE 3: PivotTables

• Getting Started with PivotTables

• Displaying Data in a PivotTable

• Formatting a PivotTable

• Using the Classic PivotTable Layout

• Slicers

MODULE 4: Charting Pivoted Data

• Getting Started with PivotCharts

• Using the PivotChart Tools Tabs

• Formatting a PivotChart

MODULE 5: Advanced Excel Tasks

• Excel and Hyperlinks

• Using Custom AutoFill Lists

• Sharing Workbooks

MODULE 6: Creating HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP Functions

• Using the VLOOKUP Function

• Using the LOOKUP Function

MODULE 7: Introduction to Macros in Excel

• Recording and Playing Macros

• Copying and Deleting Macros

• Visual Basic and Macros

MODULE 8: Excel Intermediate

• Advanced File Tasks

• Working with Functions and Formulas

• Managing Tables in Microsoft Excel

• Data Tools in Excel

• Doing More with Charts in Excel

• Sparklines

MODULE 9: Excel Professional

• Advanced Conditional Formatting

• Using Form Controls and Templates

• Advanced Lookup Functions

• Advanced Functions in Excel

• Advanced Pivot Table Tools

• Introduction to User Defined Functions Using VBA

MODULE 10: Excel Dashboards

• Introduction to Dashboards

• Inserting Graphics for a Dashboard

• Specialist Functions and Formulas

• Dashboard Navigation

• Preparing your Workbook's Layout and Structure

• Using Excel Objects for Specialist Dashboard Views

• Using Macros and VBA with Dashboards

MODULE 11: Excel VBA Introduction

• Recording and Running Macros in Excel

• Introduction to the Excel VBA Editor

• Creating Procedures and Functions

• Working with the Excel Object Model

• Controlling Program Flow

MODULE 12: Excel VBA Advanced

• Advanced Procedures

• Advanced Variables

• Interacting with Office Applications

• Debugging and Error Traps

• Creating Custom User Forms

• Workbook and Worksheet Events

MODULE 13: Excel Business Intelligence (BI)

• Importing and Linking Data

• Data Manipulation with Pivot Tables

• Advanced Reporting Functions

• Automating Reports with Controls

• Advanced Charting Features

****We can customize the training to fit your needs.

Call Peter NOW and start your journey to ABSOLUTE SKILLS!

Published: Mar 10, 2018

Advanced Excel Training

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